Your teambuilding in Austria

Challenging and full of adrenalin

At Moselebauer temwork is secured – in our experience world we offer activities that foster trust in one another and enhance great group dynamics: team building. And of course lets never forget the fun factor.

ATV Parcours, bubble soccer, climbing trails, archery, bull riding, bowling and tennis are only a few of the activities we offer. Organized and conducted by our event team consisting of experienced coaches. And the highlight of it all: we are the only hotel in Austria that offers all of our activities (except ATV tours) in every weather.

You’re looking for the next level? Try out our Moselebauer Olympics for up to 200 participants in a friendly competition – one team against the other. At the end every team will be assessed and prices are awaiting you.


Shoot with bow and arrow from a distance of 14 metres, but pay attention: concentration and calm lead to success.

Price: € 200,- per hour (trainer and equipment included)

Shooting range:

In our event hangar our shooting range with air rifles is waiting for you.

Price: € 150,- per hour (trainer and equipment included)


Test your skills in our 3 bowling alleys on-site.

Price: € 20,- per hour


Jigsaw for adults. 25 pieces and one instruction – strengthen your coordination and problem solving skills.

Price: € 150,- per hour (trainer and equipment included)

Bull riding:

Will you beat our mechanical bull? A great fun factor!

Price: € 150,- per person (trainer included)

Cow milking:

Who can milk the most out of Elsa in 1 minute time?

Price: € 100,- per hour (trainer included)

Bungee running:

Be stronger than our bungee rope.

Price: € 150,- per hour (trainer included)

Tennis court:

Use our on-site tennis court outside of seminar hours with your team mates, to get to know each other even better.

Price: € 20,- per hour (equipment included)

Pace and panorama
Our ATVs
Let the company fligh high
Our exclusive climbing trail

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