Your teambuilding in Austria

Challenging and full of adrenalin

At Moselebauer temwork is secured – in our experience world we offer activities that foster trust in one another and enhance great group dynamics: team building. And of course lets never forget the fun factor.

Off-road parkour, bubble soccer, climbing trails, archery, bull riding, bowling and tennis are only a few of the activities we offer. Organized and conducted by our event team consisting of experienced coaches. And the highlight of it all: we are the only hotel in Austria that offers all of our activities (except ATV tours) in every weather.

You’re looking for the next level? Try out our Moselebauer Olympics for up to 200 participants in a friendly competition – one team against the other. At the end every team will be assessed and prices are awaiting you.


Shoot with bow and arrow from a distance of 14 metres, but pay attention: concentration and calm lead to success.

Price: € 200,- per hour (trainer and equipment included)

Shooting range:

In our event hangar our shooting range with air rifles is waiting for you.

Price: € 150,- per hour (trainer and equipment included)


Test your skills in our 3 bowling alleys on-site.

Price: € 20,- per hour


Jigsaw for adults. 25 pieces and one instruction – strengthen your coordination and problem solving skills.

Price: € 150,- per hour (trainer and equipment included)

Bull riding:

Will you beat our mechanical bull? A great fun factor!

Price: € 150,- per person (trainer included)

Cow milking:

Who can milk the most out of Elsa in 1 minute time?

Price: € 100,- per hour (trainer included)

Bungee running:

Be stronger than our bungee rope.

Price: € 150,- per hour (trainer included)

Tennis court:

Use our on-site tennis court outside of seminar hours with your team mates, to get to know each other even better.

Price: € 20,- per hour (equipment included)

Let the company fligh high
Our exclusive climbing trail

Opas Waldluck’n

A fully equipped hut in the middle of nowhere! Or rather, in the middle of lush green forests, just a few minutes by car from the Moselebauer. The hut is the ideal party location, with guest lounge spacious living room, kitchen and bar, where you can celebrate undisturbed and carefree.  Afterwards, 8 double rooms with bathroom offer enough space to spend the night. Another highlight: the idyllic trout pond directly in front of the hut!

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Outdoor adventure world

Whether in small groups or as a location for teambuilding events, the outdoor high ropes course involves a challenge and fun for young and old. The climbing garden is professionally operated and maintained and can be used after reservation.

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Wies'n Stub'n

The Wies'n Stub'n offers you an amazing view far into the valley. Especially during summer this wonderful location can be used for private barbecues and to spend warm evenings in good company.

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Off-road course

An open area where mountain bikers can improve their skills and technique. And those who like more action can master the many obstacles in the course. This can also be turned into an exciting competition between you and your friends.


Grandpa's barn/driveway& E-charging station

At the entrance to our 15-hectare site stands Grandpa's old cattle barn from the 1950s, the oldest Moselebauer building still standing today. By the way: in the earlies stages individual rooms were rented out, before our event and seminar hotel was built in the 80s, which is now run by the 3rd generation. And this is exactly where also the Moselebauer future is starting with our newly installed E-charging stations

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Feel the soothing effect of the heated water on your body while you swim from the indoor pool directly into the outdoor pool. Let your gaze wander over the forest and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Our outdoor pool is open daily between 14:00 and 20:00 and our indoor pools from 07:00 until 22:00.

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Wellness & Spa

Our spacious wellness area (07 am - 10 pm) has 10 different saunas and steam baths, infrared cabins, plunge pools, relaxation rooms and much more. Pure relaxation is celebrated right here! Various massages, wellness rituals and cosmetic treatments, carried out by our experienced spa staff, complete the wellness experience. We believe that sport is also part of personal balance. That's why our 24-hour gym with panoramic view is located right next to the wellness area.



Sweat at 80°C in the stone pine sauna, relax in the stone bath or chill on waterbeds in the stone pine relaxation room. The Zirbenhütte is a free-standing sauna house that can be rented as a private spa for small groups or used as an event sauna.

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Extensive forests and meadows that smell of freedom extend all around the Moselebauer. Perfect for leisurely strolls through nature and a breath of fresh air. Why not also walk barefoot over the soft forest floor, lean against tree trunks and enjoy the silence?

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Indoor experience world/ tennis court

If the weather doesn't cooperate, there's all the more to experience inside. The programme includes climbing fun, bungee running and much more. A swinging tennis match in our large hall can also be an enjoyable pastime.

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Seminar Centrum

The Moselebauer has 10 fully equipped seminar rooms, which offer the ideal location for events, concerts and conferences. We are only as involved as you want us to be! We are happy to offer a full catering seminar, with concierge, catering and all the trimmings. Let us know what we can do for you!

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Franziskus Kirchlein

The Franziskus Kirchlein is a beautiful, small church with an impressive scenery. Weddings and christenings can be celebrated here in a wonderful way. From the ceremony,  the menu, the party and a lovely decorated suite, we are happy to take over. Do you say "yes"?

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