Modern team building activitiesEnhancing team spirit and wellbeing for everyone

The Moselebauer is the perfect location for team building activities, this year with an even more sensational programme! We know that for a team to be really close-knit, it must be made up of happy people. That's why we offer engaging experiences that focus on well-being and mindset, which are key aspects of a successful team.

Immerse yourself in the very special indigenous ritual of the cocoa ceremony or step out of your comfort zone with exercises from the Wim Hof method, during which you will test your mental determination. Train with your colleagues by passing various physical tests together or explore the concept of wellbeing in the workplace. The goal is common: to strengthen the team in the long term in many ways. Bring out your best!



*** Buchbar from May 2023 ***

The cocoa ceremony

Even today, communities of indigenous culture perform the cocoa ceremony to purify the body and activate the connection with heart and spirit. From a team-building perspective, this activity makes colleagues interact on another relational level by increasing mutual trust and confidence.

How it works?
Before the actual ceremony begins, the trainer defines the objectives of the group activity together with the participants, which is customised accordingly. Then, the cocoa drink is prepared together, using fine, raw, unrefined beans of Peruvian origin, which taste very different from what we are normally used to.
Then everyone enjoys the resulting drink in a meditative atmosphere, which induces deep relaxation. The participants, guided by the teacher, are invited to focus on the common intentions set at the beginning of the ceremony.
The experience ends with a general exchange of views and the telling of one's feelings. Through this activity, mutual trust and the ability to set shared goals are strengthened - two central aspects of a winning team.

Focus: team trust, ice-breaking, goal setting, personal development

Breathe, bond, and grow The Wim Hof and Tummo methods for self and team growth

This workshop embraces the Tummo breathing technique and cold exposure according to the Wim Hof method, which is proven to help increase concentration and general well-being as well as reduce stress. From a team building perspective, this activity stimulates personal growth, inner harmony and a sense of unity among colleagues.

How it works?

The workshop consists of two theoretical and two practical parts. First, an experienced trainer introduces the Wim Hof method, explaining the physiological concept on which it is based. This is followed by a practical session of conscious breathing exercises in a relaxed atmosphere. In the second part, the benefits of cold therapy are explained and then participants who wish to do so are invited to try an ice bath on their skin, enduring the freezing temperatures for one minute (optional). The team members remaining in the warmth incite the courageous in the challenge, which strengthens the sense of unity and increases mutual support.
To conclude, we regenerate with a hot drink and advice is given on how to apply these mindful methods in everyday life.

Focus: mental determination, stress management, team spirit

Group work out

A guided workout that combines physical activity and team play, making participants satisfied with a good performance. In the context of team building, this activity teaches how to work together under pressure and how to make the most of the group's strengths and weaknesses.

How it works?

The team is divided into teams of 2-4 people, who will work together for the duration of the training. Each group must perform a series of fitness tests, only being able to access the next one once they have passed the previous one together. In this way, the team is only as strong as its weakest member.
The level of training is determined on the basis of the participants' physical condition and can include exercises such as chair to wall, push-ups, medicine ball toss and many others. An experienced trainer will always be present and the session is accompanied by rhythmic music - so many endorphins will be released that it will feel like a party... and all without alcohol!

Focus: well-being, mental determination, collaboration

WWW - Wellbeing @ the Workplace Workshop

This interactive workshop provides participants with tips and tricks for finding a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit. With a view to team building, this activity makes individuals more motivated, resilient and calm, also through small changes in the workplace that increase wellbeing.

How it works?

We start by introducing the concept of 'wellbeing' in the workplace, explaining how it can benefit the individual as well as the whole team. The one-and-a-half hour interactive workshop is divided into three parts: body, mind and soul. The first session focuses on healthy nutrition and how best to integrate it into the working day. After that, the topic of movement and physical activity in the office routine will be discussed. Finally, the psychological aspect will be discussed, providing tips on how to recognise and control anxiety and stress. The three previous topics will be analysed and discussed on the concrete basis of the working environment in question, with personal experiences being shared. The seminar concludes with a tasting of Moselebauer's 'balance' culinary delights and the presentation of further useful resources for increasing team wellbeing.
Focus: wellbeing, team trust, motivation


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